About us

With the know-how acquired in over 30 years, its business structure and organisation, the company now faces the most complex projects with competence and professionalism, responding to the needs of the market with tailor-made solutions and becoming the ideal partner in the most diverse areas of sun protection systems.

Our mission

To develop products that combine functionality, aesthetics
and living comfort without losing sight of the latest market challenges, safety and energy saving.

Our materials


We use calcium-zinc stabilised PVC, which does not contain lead. In compliance with the REACH regulation guidelines, the PVC allows for a range of different and sustainable solutions.

PVC is a recyclable material and is nowadays recycled in Italy and in Europe in general. The cycle allows the recovery of all production waste and all products at the end of their life to produce goods that can be used in many industrial sectors.


Thanks to its special properties, aluminium is the ideal partner in the field of constructions. Lightweight, but also shockproof, resistant to corrosion and oxidation and a good conductor of heat, this material is able to provide an excellent barrier effect to protect against light, air and moisture. It is non-toxic and, above all, can be recycled indefinitely. It is highly customisable and offers the possibility of providing a wide range of colours.