Thanks to the patented resin reinforcements, our profile achieves above-average stability and also resistance to deformation in the event of heat accumulation, so that no further metal reinforcements are necessary. This roller shutter is therefore very resistant to atmospheric and mechanical influences and is absolutely environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly, as all its parts are recyclable.


Environmentally friendly & recyclable

High temperature resistance:
SunEco guarantees the correct function of the tank even in strong sunlight.

Heat / sound insulation:
The structure of the PVC profile with internal air chambers ensures superior sound and heat performance compared to conventional aluminium and steel roller shutters on the market.

Salt resistance:
SunEco can be used without problems near marine areas, as it cannot be attacked by salt.

Excellent dimensional stability:
Thanks to its resin reinforcement, SunEco guarantees the functional stability of the mould and does not require metal reinforcements.

Ecological sustainability:
These roller shutters are fully recyclable.