The difference

The RollTherm® roller shutter revolutionises the importance of protective systems in energy saving in buildings. Profiles made of metal (aluminium or steel) or PVC are well known and widely used for the production of slats for roller shutters and blinds. RollTherm®, on the other hand, is a roller shutter made of aluminium and PVC together, which is innovative and very comfortable compared to traditional shutters. Its most important feature is the reduction of the consumption of economic and energetic resources. The difference between RollTherm® and a conventional roller shutter is the structure of the profile.


PVC And Aluminium

The RollTherm® roller shutter slat consists of the connection of two profiles made of different materials: one made of PVC and one made of aluminium, filled with insulating foam. The unique hooking system between the two sides of the slat interrupts the thermal bridge of the metal. By placing the aluminium on the outside and the PVC on the inside, the heat transfer between the outside and inside environment is thus interrupted.