External venetian blinds


Solar shading systems not only prevent overheating and glare, but also save energy. More than 40% of primary energy consumption in Europe is due to the construction and use of buildings. Automated and correctly controlled sun shading systems can reduce energy consumption by 10%, with two-thirds coming from reducing cooling in summer and one-third from reducing heating in winter.


At any time of the year

In summer
When the sun is shining in summer and it is hot outside, you will not regret spending money on the sun protection system. The heat radiation can be blocked to the outside, creating a pleasant room temperature and saving electricity for the air conditioning.

In winter
In winter, intelligently controlled solar shading ensures that solar energy reaches the interior, thus reducing heating costs. This offers a great advantage for your wallet, but also for the environment.

Fixed blind

Sun protection

The fixed louvre blind is a sun protection system that provides a perfect view to the outside. It consists of extruded aluminium profiles and the corresponding brackets. Easy to install, perfectly integrated into a building, the system creates a functional style in modern architecture and provides perfect ventilation.

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