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PINTO offers innovative and standard roller shutters or external venetian blinds for a wide range of applications, which are also continuously being further developed.

Innovation and design are unique.
With the know-how acquired over 30 years, its business structure and organisation, the company now faces the most complex projects with competence and professionalism, responding to the needs of the market with tailor-made solutions and becoming the ideal partner in the most diverse areas of sun protection systems.

MORE THAN 300 PRODUCTS - A wide range of products and customised solutions to meet the needs of the market.

More than 320 direct employees who, thanks to their passion for their work, help to achieve ever more ambitious solutions.

Our mission: to develop products that combine functionality, aesthetics and home comfort without losing sight of the latest market challenges - safety and energy saving.

Pinto products are only available directly from our qualified specialist partners. They are experts in sun protection and will be happy to advise you in more detail on roller shutters and external venetian blinds from our product range or on design and innovations to make your dreams come true.


Its main feature is the particularly long slits in the slat, which, in contrast to conventional roller shutters, ensure good ventilation ...

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The main feature of this profile is the presence of micro-slits on the entire surface of the hook ...

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Mini16 & Mini16AirLight ®

Mini16® is an insulated aluminium roller shutter with a clear and harmonious design. The only 16 mm high slat with ...

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The most effective and innovative combination of two products: the roller shutter and the venetian blind with adjustable slats...

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Sun&Air® is a roller shutter made of extruded aluminium whose main feature is the distance between the slats ...

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The RollSafe® roller shutter has special burglary protection and is protected against lifting attempts by an extra locking ...

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External venetian blinds

With sun protection systems, not only can overheating and glare be avoided, but energy can also be saved ...

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The RollTherm® roller shutter revolutionises the importance of protective systems in energy saving in buildings. Profiles made of metal ...

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AirLight Therm®

Airlight in combination with RollTherm®. The duo brings AirLightTherm® to life. AirLightTherm® is the roller shutter that combines the advantages ...

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RollFlip30® is an insulated flat aluminium roller shutter with 30mm wide slats and 90mm wide slots with profile hooks that ...

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Thanks to the patented resin reinforcements, our profile achieves above-average stability and durability ...

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Roller shutters

Insulated aluminium roller doors with high stability and long service life. They are characterised by an excellent price-performance ratio and ...

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